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  1. Premium Membership

    What You Get...
    • No Waiting Times For Downloads* - Guests have to wait 6 minutes and registered members have to wait 3 minutes between each download. But premium members can download as often as they wish without any waiting times in between downloads.
    • No Advertisements - All advertisements will be removed to de-clutter your the site for you.
    • Live Search - An improved search function which allows you to quickly and easily find the threads you are after.
    • Private Forum Section for Premium Members - An area on FM-Base just for the Premium Members.
    • Different Colour User Name
    • A little token of our appreciation.
    • Custom User Titles - These are what appear next to your username when you post.
    • Moderate Your Own Threads - Open/Close/Delete your own threads.
    • Change Your User Name up to 2 Times - An administrator will change your User Name on request.
    • Submitted Downloads Don't Need to Wait For Approval - When you submit a file to the download section on FM-Base you can bypass the approval process and have your file appear immediately.
    • Larger Inbox - An inbox with enough room for 2000 private messages.
    Abuse of any Premium Membership benefits will result in immediate removal of your Premium Membership status and a possible ban from the website.

    * This does not include waiting times enforced on some download mirrors such as MegaUpload and Rapidshare.

    Premium Membership Costs
    • 1 Day - £1.49
    • 1 Week - £1.99
    • 1 Month - £2.49

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