Im really struggling with the BS to Prem challenge.

  1. Im really struggling with the BS to Prem challenge.

    Im playing as Dover Athletic, and I secured promotion my first year to the BSP. Last year, i narrowly missed out on a playoff spot. This year, im barely in midtable, I keep losing. I had 5th in my grasp last month in game, and now im in 12th because i've lost so many games in a short amount of time. I changed tactics, got better players, got better staff and im still losing.

    Help me, if I dont get promoted this year im gonna lose my ****ing mind

  2. GrazJ's Avatar GrazJ
    Alloa Athletic, Rangers and Scotland. Amateur
    Remember new signings can take a while to gel, so make sure you have their training focus on teamwork or something and set it to high.
    If you have a good assistant manager with good judging CA/PA then use the assistant manger view when selecting a team so you know you are picking the best players in your team everymatch.
    If your getting desperate, sort the players by recent form and pick the ones who are consistently hitting the highs, even if their ability is 1-3 stars, thats what I do and I beat bigger teams all the time.
    Apart from that, keep calm and carry on

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