(I am going to preface this by saying, I understand FM2012 forums might be a tad dead with it being the older version but I started one of these before and got my data deleted... so here we go again, if anyone is reading thanks. If not I suppose I'll be talking to myself as usual.)

29/08/2011: And so I have arrived, the sunny shores of South Pacific. Let's hope Dave's tip was right. I have enough money to last me a year, 2 if I get a part time job. Hopefully the offers will come in thick and fast for my services. I would prefer to stay here in Fiji to begin with but if money runs short New Zealand will have to do. I will apply for jobs tomorrow. Fingers crossed someone will like me.
6 of the best?-2012-11-29_00002.jpg
30/08/2011: Only one job available today, Fijian National League side Nadi. Applied, fingers crossed.6 of the best?-2012-11-29_00003.jpg