The David and Goliath Challenge

  1. The David and Goliath Challenge

    The David and Goliath Challenge-veikkaus-david-goliath-small-88744.jpg

    Hi guys I have an interesting challenge for you.You can name some small clubs from big football cities.For example Madrid,London,Paris,Lisbon,Munich etc. The idea is for the city to already have a big club (or clubs),but you to start from a small one from the lower divisons and try to surpass the giants

    - Lisbon clubs - Lisbon Football Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - London clubs - Category:Football clubs in London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - Paris clubs - Category:Football clubs in Paris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - Madrid clubs - Category:Football clubs in Madrid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - In Munich you have TSV 1860 Munchen or SpVgg Unterhaching

    The challenge includes
    The upset - beat the bigger club
    In your face - finish ahead of your rival in the league
    Steal the youth - produce better youth players
    Win more titles than your rival has

    You can name other big cities where there is a major club and lower division one. Enjoy the challenge

  2. I'm attempting to do something like this with fc united, just got promoted to the championship.

  3. wookay start with millwall =D

  4. I love this kind of challenge, I regularly do saves with FC Paris and FC United to do this! I havn't managed in Spain before so Ima give that a shot now too.

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