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The Pentegon Challenge

  1. The Pentegon Challenge

    For people who havent heard of this, its the greatest challenge in football manager. Succeeding in this challenge will prove you are a fm GOD..

    Aim of Challenge:

    What is The Pentagon? Well its this, you start unemployed with a Sunday League reputation and you try to win all five continental Champions Leagues(European Champions League, South American Champions League, Asian Champions League, African Champions League and North American Champions League) in one save game.
    Once you win all five your status will be cemented as some sort of FM God.
    How do I take part?
    Simply create a Career thread in this section and your rolling. You can use this thread to ask any questions or to just keep people updated with how you are doing.

    Additional Info

    Here are three other elements to The Pentagon that you can add if you want.

    1. Sustainable Management - You keep things financially realistic. Only spending what you have, living within your means, not spending huge, unrealistic amounts. If you want added spice you can try and make a profit on transfers every season.

    2. Nationalistic Management - You sign no foreigners. So if you're in Russia you only sign Russians, if you're in Brazil you only sign Brazilians, etc

    3. APLA - Anti Premier League Alliance You don't load England in your game. You totally avoid it. Only real men don't load England.

    Best of luck to the people who try this ultimate challenge and let us know how ye get on

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  2. Sounds unbelievably hard so I'm gonna dive in head first right now.

    Loading leagues: South Africa, Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Brazil

    This is going to be mammoth, but I don't start employed work again until the 14th so...thats 8 solid days of FM12 IMO

    -> Got a job at F.C.A.K. in South Africa to start with.
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  3. not too bad.. but its an unreal challenge that will keep you busy.. i got a job in the brazilian third division.. south africa is a tough place to start speaking from past experience but best of luck keep us posted

  4. starting this next week, got 3 out of 5 last year, this year i want to finish it!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by thedoorsfan1 View Post
    starting this next week, got 3 out of 5 last year, this year i want to finish it!
    Best of luck what ones did you get last year and any tips??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Eamon1992 View Post
    Best of luck what ones did you get last year and any tips??
    Got the south-american(colo colo), north-american(chivas) and european(sparta prague). Id say stick with your first team, i left south-africa after one season cuz my team was lousy, but ended up wasting 7 seasons in India winning nothing. Then worked my way up in europe for 8 seasons with a czech 2nd division team before securing the sparta prague job and with it a massive budget(arab owners). Be patient.

  7. I've managed in South Africa in FM10 and FM11 so I should be OK, though it'll be tough to land a job outside of SA without a proper achievement. I don't think I'll leave SA until I've won the African CL with Orlando Pirates or Kaizer Chiefs or something.

    I learnt one lesson from my experience in SA: Stick with 4-4-2 no matter what!

    Half way through first season: 15 games, 1st in South African First Division, 7 points clear!
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  8. What a challenge

  9. 8 games to go in south-africa and ive prtty much secured promotion 4-4-2 seemed to be the way to go indeed!.

  10. First season conquered! Won the South African National First Division with F.C.A.K.
    Mixin' it with the big boys now!

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