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Football Manager 12.2 Time Machines
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  1. Football Manager 12.2 Time Machines

    Hello guys, I've spent some time creating some Time Machines for you guys using the new patch. Each start from between 20th-23rd of June so a couple of days before the reset day to allow you to add/remove leagues as you wish.

    Please note that you will winrar or similar once you have downloaded the files.

    For winrar please go to


    Please place these folders in the following directory on your computer.

    Windows PC - Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/games

    MAC - Finder > Document > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2012 > games


    Time Machine 2012 - Time Machine 2012.rar download
    Time Machine 2013 - Time Machine 2013.rar download
    Time Machine 2014 - Time Machine 2014.rar download
    Time Machine 2015 - Time Machine 2015.rar download
    Time Machine 2016 - Time Machine 2016.rar download
    Time Machine 2017 -
    Time Machine 2018 -
    Time Machine 2019 -
    Time Machine 2020 -
    Time Machine 2021 -
    Time Machine 2022 -
    Time Machine 2023 -
    Time Machine 2024 -
    Time Machine 2025 -
    Time Machine 2026 -
    Time Machine 2027 -
    Time Machine 2028 -
    Time Machine 2029 -
    Time Machine 2030 -

    Hope you guys enjoy the saves.

    ***If you wish to redistribute please contact myself first***

    FM13 Time Machine thread can be found at the following link:-

    Daddyrichies Time Machines
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  2. thankyou!
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  3. daddyrichie, by anychance were any of the stats changed at all post update? Not a big deal, just wondering. I've been using FM Scout etc to find some patterns over the years. But noticed Van Persie's PA number was slightly different to my game

  4. Aaron Ramsey is different aswell! He was changed in the update, but your future save is different to mine?

  5. Sorry for taking a while to reply guys. I'm pretty certain I only used the standard 12.2 db as I started it within a couple of days of it being released

  6. Thanks.

  7. Ooh, this is nice. Cheers

  8. Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been in contact with you all recently, my life has been quite hectic the past few weeks! I will get the remaining saves done as soon as possible but unfortunately I can't say when it'll be although I'm aiming to get them saved tonight, then depends on when I've got the time get upload them all.

  9. I am really sorry for the delay but I can finally say that I have uploaded all the links from 2012-2030! Again apologies for the delay and hope you all enjoy them

  10. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
    Chelsea, Leicester and Wigan. Modern Day Legend
    Hi mate,can do do the 2030 file in a .fm file?Sorry if it's too much to ask

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