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The Champions League Discussion Thread

  1. I want a Leicester v Monaco final..

  2. Just heard there was an explosion nearby Dortmund's stadium?

  3. Yeah, Bartra is injured apparently.

  4. Was an explosion at the bus and Bartra was injured. Game likely to be cancelled/ postponed.

  5. Lucas Navarrete

    Bartra is fine and he is on his way to hospital because the window shattered. Apparently, it was a big firecracker, according to MARCA.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bujakaa View Post
    Game has postponed
    Rightly so! Will be played tomorrow 18:45.
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  7. Word going out that it was it was 3 explosions apparently.

  8. Barca right under the cosh! 1-0 Dybala

  9. What a finish that. All Barca could do is watch.
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  10. It's been all Juve so far

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