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Vibe Logos
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  1. Vibe Logos

    Brilliantly simple idea created to save time making more complicated logos

    The download adds a simple logo design behind existing logos in the titlebar, making standard logos a lot more attractive to look at
    File contains three modified skins, the default skin, default FMC skin and the FMC for FM skin (but make sure you have this skin if you want to use it)

    Place these in My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\skins and then select the skin in the preferences


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  2. deadly man

  3. Arsenal please. These are great.

  4. Many thanks for the comments, glad you like them . I will be looking for people to do some packs but I have managed to cut out a lot of work by making an action that does everything then stops for you to amend the colours then if you play it again it will save and overwrite the original logo.

    Here's the Arsenal badge:

  5. Just a quick nudge in case anyone wants to help or feedback some more, thank.

  6. Normally I dont like these kind of logos with stuff behind them, but these look fantastic imo.

    Could you do the Vancouver Whitecaps.

    Vibe Logos-361px-vancouver_whitecaps_fc_logo.svg.png

  7. Glad you like them, here's your logo (please let me know if you want brown instead of sky blue as the third colour as that is your third kit);

    P.S. Bruins!

  8. What about a Mexican League pack? I'd be eternally grateful!

  9. Botty - Do you want a specific team or a pack? I am currently not making packs as my logo pack that I use for these are out of date so I may have some logos out of date. I will do a few teams however as I will search for them on Google to verify they are correct .

    If anyone else wants to make packs or a team wants to work through this to make a megapack then I'd happily oblige.
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  10. hereford united please dec

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