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All Default Shield Logos

  1. All Default Shield Logos

    I am looking for a way to create logos for all the clubs that have a crest by default in the game, so that they look just like the shield logos that appear for all the clubs that don't have a crest by default. I much prefer that design system and it is much easier to keep consistency since there is a finite number of clubs to "revert" this way, as opposed to an infinite number of clubs needing an actual crest.

    I am still new to editing and graphics but I figured out that if you clone a club that has a crest by default in the editor and then swap the clone out for the real one in the competitions and such, then the cloned club will have the shield logo instead of the crest included by default (this also applies to kits). What I was hoping to do is to be able to somehow strip the shield logo from the cloned club out of this dummy save, in order to compile an entire set of these shield logos to create a logopack that I could simply apply over the actual club, instead of creating flawed clones. Maybe there is an easier way to do this, but I don't know of any because I'm still new to this.

    Alternatively, maybe there is a setting hidden somewhere in the game files that pre-loads crests onto those clubs as a default option, and all I would have to do is turn that off? Don't know how to do that either though.

    Could someone help me figure out this puzzle? Thanks in advance.

  2. Would you not prefer to have the actual logos for every club? You can get most top leagues from here:

    Every club in England can be downloaded from my Dropbox (variations in styles but you'll barely notice that in-game and it's fully up-to-date with FM14):

    Both of those links come complete with the config files, including the smaller 'icon' versions. These next two do not, so you'll have to edit them into the config files - unless you're just overwriting an existing image.

    This website contains a lot of the logos that were missing from the first link:

    Clubs participating in European Cups since 1955

    And this last site contains excellent logos - the guy is a bit precious about people downloading them, but he doesn't seem to understand copyright law... adding a clever image effect doesn't grant him ownership of the registered trademarks of the world's top football clubs and their various holding companies. Scroll down to the navigational menu on the left hand side:

    HD Logo | Football | Football Club Logos | By Yasin Demirkale

    Virtually anything else can be found from Google image searches, if you have the time - which I did when I got fed up with FM13! I'd share my whole clubs logo folder, which contains every club that ever enters my game universe, but it's 776MB. On the rare occasion that a new club enters the Europa League or turns up in pre-season friendly fixtures or on a player's career history, I do a quick Google image search and load them into the game. I'm on an iMac, play with the window in tiled mode so I can access the internet, iTunes, YouTube etc while I play, and have Paint Pro to edit images to the required sizes, remove the backgrounds and save them as .png files:

    180 x 180 pixels for the large badges; 25 x 18 pixels for icons.
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  3. wow thanks for all the info but I'm really not looking for a comprehensive "actual" logopack right now. The shield system is clean, concise, translates well with size, has uniformity in design, and helps me remember team colors. I'd like to "remove" the existing logos so that they're all shield-like, but I've never been able to find help on how to do that.

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