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Logo Mega Pack

  1. Logo Mega Pack

    Guys can anyone recommend a logo pack that i can use/download without having to go through a third party file hosting site which doesnt actually let you download the file you are after?

    Every file i like the look of leads me to having to fill a questionnaire with my details or i end up clicking download button and end up with ilivid or something similar... All i want is some club logos in my FM game, none of the bullshit.

  2. From here, standard logos... Default Logos 2014 Megapack

    Or from here, metallic logos style, the best IMO... Metallic Logopack - Football Manager 2014 Logopack

  3. I appreciate your reply but these send me to file sharing sites with 6 different download tabs, i end up downloading programs or viruses i dont want, i've lost count at how many new tool bars ive been offered for my deafault browser. I dont want any of that stuff, i just want logos - why is it so difficult?

  4. Use the metallic torrent file is secure.
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