help with custom logo

  1. help with custom logo

    could anyone help me with installing custom badges by doing it for me?

  2. u want a logo made is it ?

  3. no i have the logos i just dont know how to put them ingame

    1. Move files from archive into “Graphics” subfolder of your Football Manager data folder. Here is the path you need for that:
      • My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/Graphics and a logo folder.. if there aint one just create it..
    2. do you have the config file ?

  4. no i dont have the config file

  5. Ah do want to send me the file and ill create you one or u can do it yourself by downloading fmXML its creates the config file for u

  6. ive downloaded fmxml it doesnt work and do you mean send you the logos?

  7. put the logos in a file and email me them and ill make the config file for u ? ill need the id's to

  8. yeah sure thanks whats your email

  9. Sent you a private message

  10. Sent it back now mate, you will need winrar to extract to the graphics and then the logo folder and when you do that: Start fm14
    1. Go to FM 2014 Preferences –> Interface.
    2. Disable “Use caching to decrease page loading times” setting.
    3. Enable “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences” setting.

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