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A logo for FM15?

  1. A logo for FM15?

    Hey guys! I have no idea if I'm supposed to request logos or anything of the sort for FM15 here, but if for any reason this has to be moved somewhere by admin/mods then please do.

    Okay, so I need a High Quality crest (logo) created for a new fictional football club simply called "Streatham". They are to be a new London-based club in the Premier League. I'm hoping to buy myself FM15 so I can then edit them into the game and play with them, and if I can get a logo/kits created in advance, that would be great.

    I'd like for this crest to have some significance to the town of Streatham, you know how with other London club badges, have a history/sign behind them (e.g. the lion in the Chelsea badge is one of the elements in the coat of arms of the London Borough of Chelsea). Also I can't have the logo looking "too modern". There has to be some heraldry somewhere in the crest. You might need to read the town's history to help with this (see link below). As far as club colours go, I've decided that the base colours for the club will be sky blue (home colour) and black (secondary).

    I found a page on wikipedia, explaining the history of Streatham, which you can find here: Streatham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia if you need any information that might help with coming up with a crest. If that doesn't help, just google "Streatham History" and see what comes up.

    Oh yeah one more thing. I'd like the crest to be circular! Could I also have Streatham Football Club displayed somewhere on the badge, and possibly one of those "ribbons" underneath saying "respice tantum in ante (English: Focus only forwards)", as well. Resolution: let's keep it at at least 800x800.

    This all seems way too complicated for one request I know that, but this will be open, and is only for people who are willing to give this a real try. Thankyou in advance, and I look forward to seeing some of your designs soon.

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  2. Name:  Untitled-4.png
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  3. That's really awesome work man! Cheers for giving it a go!

    I reckon it would look a little better if the background of the crest was white. Keep the ribbon sky blue, though. And also, instead of the well in the middle, I'd like the outline of Dyce's Fountain, which can be found in Streatham Green. I was going to add this as part of the post above, but that's when I noticed your response. Keep the rest of the logo though, it's definitely a great design!

    Thanks a lot!

  4. second attempt:

    Name:  Untitled-1.png
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  5. Hmmm...

    Definitely loads better, but if you could make the fountain look less like the original photo, and have literally the outline of it (a bit like the well in the first attempt). Fill that all in the right colours that match the photo, and it will look perfect.

    By the way, I hope this isn't too much of a tough task! Your designs are brilliant so far!

    Thankyou very much!
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  6. A outline is to difficult for me, I'm sorry haha, this is my last try.

    Name:  u.png
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  7. I prefer the first one...looks like it would be on a shirt badge. New one is a bit too high def. Great work mate!

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