Your Own Logos

  1. Your Own Logos

    Hey guys,

    I was looking at the logo installation tutorial on fm11 here on the site and I'm just wondering, what about logos you make yourself? How does the game match up those logos with whatever you want them to?

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    Where would I go to view that code?

  3. open an xml. copy the code in.

    the lines at the botoom,

    <record from="86005823" to="graphics/pictures/club/86005823/icon"/>

    change the 86005823 numbers to match the team ID no in game (turn this on in preferences it will be in the titlebar for the team).

    repeat for other logos etc, just name the pic 86005823.png replace the no,

  4. Titlebar for the team in game? Also sorry to ask a probably stupid question, but where do we open the xml code?

  5. in notebook sorry..

    open notebook and paste that in, save as config.xml

    goes inthe folder with your pics in the graphics file

  6. Thanks!

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