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  1. Custom Logo Pack Help

    I couldn't find a thread that answered my question secifically, so I decided I should make my own.

    So, spawning from my previous thread, I'm working on a structred US Soccer system.

    (you should also check out the thread because I still had a question that went unanswered)

    I hit the point where I was ready to do a logo pack. I downloaded one online, and it worked fine. There were some missing teams because I believe it was from FM15. I would replacce the wrong logos, and it would work fine. So for the first time, I worked on a config file of my own. So what I did was take a file from the pack I downloaded, and changed the code to reflect the 68 teams I was working with. I do graphic design so compiling and making logos were no problem.

    My issue is, even with me spawning my version from a working version, it didn't work. The way I did the code was break it up by league, where I listed the 28 MLS teams in order, then following the last team, listed the codes for the next 20 second tier teams, and so on. I believe I've seen codes work like that before, but other than that, I have no idea.

    Custom Logo Pack Help-fm16a.png Custom Logo Pack Help-fm16b.png
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  2. are the pics all .png?
    did you clear the cache and reload?
    do you have 'use caching' unticked in preferences?

    If you have the pics in seperate subfolders, they all need a config file in each folder.

  3. Yes to the first 2 and last one. I'm not sure about the use caching thing, but like I said, I basically just rewrote the previous logo pack that worked, so I'd imagine that it was correct.

  4. go to preferences, interface, click clear caching, and the untick 'use caching' and reload your skin.Its just a refresh of the links and files to find the new ones

  5. Nope, niehter checked or unchecked works.

    Could I have done the code wrong? I spawned mine from a working skin and didn't think I did anything wrong.

  6. The code line should be

    <record from="xxxx" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002350/logo"/>

    take away the "..." before and at the end...

  7. I actually just figured it out! Apparently the original file saved as a .txt and not .xml which explains a lot, even though the icons were the same.

    thanks for helping me out, I thought my coding wasn't THAT bad haha.

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