[FM17] TCM17 Logopack by Logo-World.net

  1. [FM17] TCM17 Logopack by TCMLogos.com - Update 17.2

    This is the fourth edition of the TCM logo megapack for Football Manager.
    After more than 400,000 downloads for the previous version, we needed to offer more! Embrace the brilliant Football Manager 2017 TCM17 Logo megapack by TCMLogos.com.

    This massive megapack which you can download below comes with more than 17244 club logos, 2490 competitions logos and all the nation flags.

    The TCM17 Football Manager logo megapack contains various «normal» and «small» logo types and works with Football Manager 2017 and previous versions. By downloading the Football Manager 2017 logo megapack TCM17 you can also enjoy the great free bonus; adboard banners of TCMLogos.com’s partners which will be shown during matches. Check out all the competition logos, the amount of club logos and everything you can import with this ultimate logo pack below.
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  2. I just tried to download this and almost got hit by a massive virus with constant pop ups coming on my screen.
    I haven't had problems in the past.

    Has anybody else had these problems??

  3. Update 17.1 of the TCM17 Logopack.

    ************************************************** ********
    Contains (complete list in the file to download):

    ➡ 7 NEW AFRICAN COUNTRY (Central African Republic, Guinea, Guinea bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Senegal) [Thanks Julian]

    ➡ 4 NEW NORTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES (Belize, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad) [Thanks Frimimout]

    ➡ Addition of 885 logos.

    ➡ Update of 155 Logos (thanks to the requests received here).

    ************************************************** ********

    All information and downloads on the official page:

    Happy New Year !
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  4. Update Website

    Logo-World.net disappears for the benefit of a new web site: TCMLogos.com

    More Information : Here

  5. Hello everyone !

    After regrouping all the requests and the addition of new African countries, I am a total of 475 Logos (clubs and competitions combined) in the future update 17.2 of the Logopack TCM17.

    Since the time has been missing since the beginning of the year, and having promised the update between February and March, I come to you to find out if you find this figure sufficient to propose it to you.

    Please note that this will be the last update before TCM18 (normally).

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you

  6. Update 17.2 of the TCM17 Logopack.

    ************************************************** ********
    Contains (complete list in the file to download):

    ➡ 3 NEW AFRICAN COUNTRY (Liberia, Libya, Malawi) [THANKS JULIAN]

    ➡ Addition 341 logos.

    ➡ Update of 135 Logos (thanks to the requests received here: https://www.tcmlogos.com/requetes-request/).

    ************************************************** ********
    All information and downloads on the official page:

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  7. Here we are within six months of the release of the future opus of Football Manager, FM18. It is also the time for TCMLogos.com, after TCM17, to embark on the future Logopack TCM18.

    On this occasion, and in order to propose even more logos, I appeal to you, fan of the FM game and Logopack user. If you wish, you can become a contributor to the TCM18. To do this, simply complete the form in Page link to select a country you want to search the logos and thus contribute to improving the logopack.

    The only skills required are patience and rigor on the search, no graphics skills are required. A list of the clubs of the chosen country without the TCM logo will be sent to you and all the details of what I ask you will be indicated in the mail in reply to the form.

    The list of countries chosen by the contributors will be updated on this page link so as not to choose a country already taken.

    I thank you in advance for your loyalty that has motivated me for 5 years now to offer you more and more.



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