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How to add CUSTOM LOGOS to FM

  1. How to add CUSTOM LOGOS to FM

    STEP 1 — Within your saved files:
    • Navigate to the Graphics/Logos folder. In my case, it’s this folder…
    • Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2019 / graphics / clubs
    • Then, assuming that you already have some logos for the relevant country in place, go to that country, e.g. England
    • Notice that the logos already in that folder are named according to their FM ID number
    • Find the config.xml file and open it with TextEdit or Notepad (or similar)
    • There is one line of code for each logo, so copy one single line of code and paste it to the end of the list, before </list>

    STEP 2 — Within FM:
    • Go to the Preferences menu
    • Select More Interface Options
    • Check the box to Show ID Numbers
    • Also check the box to Reload Cache When You Hit Confirm
    • Hit Confirm (it usually takes a minute or so to go back to the game view)
    • Make a note of the ID number showing alongside your club’s name at the top of the screen

    STEP 3 — From my thread on FM-Base:
    • Go to the set of logos that I have created for you
    • Ignore the largest version — it’s just for show
    • The middle version is sized at 180x180px; right click on it and make sure the file extension is showing as .png — save it to your desktop
    • Replace the filename that I gave to your file (e.g. Clanfield Town FC_180px.png) with your club’s FM ID number — just the number itself, no other info
    • Move that logo into the England folder (or whichever country is relevant to your club)
    • Then, in the config file, go to that line you duplicated earlier and replace the ID number (shown twice) with your club’s ID number; this is how FM knows where to put each individual logo
    • Make sure that there are no differences in formatting between your amended line of code and those above it; the only visible difference should be the changed ID number; even a change in the font of a speech mark can cause an error (finding that out the first time was a long, frustrating evening that I will never get back!)
    • Once you have done this, save your changes to the config file and close it
    • Now go to the icon folder; you need to do the same again using the icon version of the logo that I have created for you, updating the config and placing the icon version of the logo — which should only be named with the ID number — into this Icon folder
    • Save and close

    IF YOUR ARE ADDING MORE THAN ONE CUSTOM LOGO, REPEAT THE STEPS ABOVE. Once you understand the process, you’ll be able to shortcut it a bit by making the relevant changes to the logos in batches.

    STEP 4 — Back in FM:
    • Go back to the Preferences menu
    • Go back to More Interface Options
    • Uncheck the Show ID Numbers option
    • Hit Reload

    STEP 5 — In the FM game view:
    • Look on in awe at your beautiful logo in-situ, in-game, with your very own custom club
    • Now go and win the title!

    Please comment below if you have followed these instructions. I did this all from memory with FM switched off (I’m supposed to be working):
    • Did it work?
    • Did I miss a stage?
    • Did I describe anything incorrectly?

    I’ll be back later to add some pretty screenshots when I have time.

    WANT A CUSTOM LOGO? Click here, then:


    For up-to-date examples of my custom logos, follow me on Twitter:
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  2. Hmmm, I have followed the instructions the same for the small logos as I did for the normal ones, but have realised not one of them has worked. The ones I have put in the normal folder have all worked.

    I have checked the config file and the directory I followed is this, which is where all the other small logos are stored: C:\Users\ellis\OneDrive\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\logos\europe\england\small

    Can anyone please offer any advice as to what the problem might be? I did it the same way as I did it for the bigger logos, and they worked fine so I'm puzzled.

    This is my config file:

  3. How to add CUSTOM LOGOS to FM-screenshot-58-.png

  4. Never mind, I have solved my problem by looking at that config file myself, I missed off the > at the end.
    Edit: And I also had a missing 3 in the last one too, which meant that one was incorrect even when the rest had been corrected.
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  5. thought that would be the best place to start,
    glad its working now for you
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  6. it's also great to know the FM Graphics Configurator and Smart Shirt Designer 2.0 programs.

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