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Logo Requests Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by jake544 View Post
    Team Name : Adelaide City
    Team Nickname : n/a
    Year Founded : 2017
    Colours you want included: Red and Gold
    Badge Shape : n/a
    Any extra Info: n/a
    Do you need a config: if you are able too
    Unique I.D. number: 2062002133

    thank you

    (hope this thread is still alive)
    Any good for you?
    Name:  Adalaidecitylogo.png
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jblue85 View Post
    Team name: Red Bull Rangers
    Team nickname: The Gers
    Colours you want included: Red,white and blue
    Badge Shape: like Leipzig’s
    any extra info: n/a
    do you need confit: no
    unique id number: n/a

    most appreciated thank you

    Any good mate??

    Logo Requests Thread-redbull-ranger.png

  3. Quote Originally Posted by amn View Post

    can you please create this logo for me?

    Team Name: London F.C

    Year Founded: 2017

    Colors: Red, Blue and White (British flag colors)

    Badge shape: Shield or rounded (up to you).

    More Info: I would like the logo to include (Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the Shard) + the British flag in background. and on the top of the logo the British royal crown, you can use a full-color crown or just gold color (up to you).

    Thanks in advance

    ANy good mate?

    Logo Requests Thread-londonfc.png

  4. Hi,

    can you please create a logo for my FM18 Story

    Team Name: FM BASE F.C
    Year Founded: 2017
    Colors: Dark Blue/Light Blue and White (Keep it the same colours as the FM Base Logo)
    Badge shape: Round (Like the Stockport Millers one on page 49) but with Est. 2017 at the Top and FM BASE FC in the Ribbon

    More Info: Could you please try and use as close to the Football Manager 2018 font as possible and keep the ball as the main theme.

    Unique I.D. number: 5108729

    Config Needed please

    Thank you so much


  5. Team Name : Frimley
    Team Nickname : Canines
    Year Founded : 1919
    Colours you want included: White (primary), black, red
    Badge Shape : like St. Paulis
    Any extra Info: a dog (German Sheppard) in it, maybe growling
    Do you need a config: yes
    Unique I.D. number:2062002357

    thank you

  6. London United

    Team Name: London United
    Team Nickname :
    Year Founded: N/A
    Colours you want to include: Gold and White
    Badge Shape: No Preference
    Any extra Info: This club is based on the City of London and it's crest. I would love to have the image here;_ylu=X3oDMTBtdXBkbHJ yBHNlYwNmcC1hdHRyaWIEc2xrA3J1cmw-/RV=2/RE=1539821341/RO=11/ le%3aCoat_of_Arms_of_The_City_of_London.svg/RK=2/RS=Qu3xyFPtPllprLnI9Rrmc9qZPog- but with Gold instead of Red.
    Do you need a config: YES
    Unique I.D. number: N/A

    Thank You!

  7. Hey, can someone create this logo in both sizes to use in game please? Cheers.

    Name:  ibiz.png
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  8. Haan F.C.

    Hi all,

    I created my own club and would like a nice logo (big and small), please. If anyone is still reading this thread, can you help me out?

    Team Name: Haan F.C.
    Team Nickname : The cockerels
    Year Founded : 1980
    Colours you want included: One of them should be orange, rest is up to you.
    Badge Shape : Use your imagination
    Any extra Info: "Haan" means rooster/cockerel and is my last name (in Dutch).
    It's a family club, meaning the owner/sugardaddy (only when the club is threatening to go into debt) is my father, I'm the manager, my brothers are the Director of Football and Head of Youth Development.

    Do you need a config: No, I think I can figure that out myself.
    Unique I.D. number:

  9. Team Name Rivacre Rovers FC
    Team Nickname :
    Year Founded : 2018
    Colours you want included: White/Blue Red
    Badge Shape : You choose

  10. Team Name: Bedale AFC
    Team Nickname : -
    Year Founded : 1933
    Colours you want included: Blue/Yellow
    Badge Shape : default/standard
    Any extra Info: -
    Do you need a config: -
    Unique I.D. number: -

    Link to the team website: Bedale AFC | Bedale Town Association Football Club

  11. red bull barnsley

    Quote Originally Posted by *JK* View Post
    Your Club Logo

    I thought this would be a good idea as there is always thread's saying "can somebody please make me this badge please" etc. So request in here if you need Logo's creating and somebody a round the site will do it for you. But please use the template.


    Team Name red bull barnsley
    Team Nickname : the tykes
    Year Founded : 1887
    Colours you want included:red and white
    Badge Shape :
    Any extra Info:
    Do you need a config:
    Unique I.D. number:

    Where to find your I.D. Number?

    Start Football Manager 2011 next go to "Preferences" then click "Display and Sound" then tick "Show Unique I.D. then hit the CONFIRM button. Next go to your club squad page then at the top underneath your club name your unique i.d. is there it should say a number like 680 etc.

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