Could someone please help me!

  1. Could someone please help me!

    I have posted this in another topic but there has been no reply and i think that topic just died off and no one looks at it anymore so i thought i would post this and see if anyone cares to help Basically i need a team logo for my created team so if anyone could make one with these details then it would be very much appreciated.

    Team Name : Laindon Town
    Team Nickname : The Blue Army
    Year Founded : 1887
    Colours you want included: Baby Blue and Grey
    Badge Shape : Same style as man utd if possible
    Any extra Info: none
    Do you need a config: If that is to help me then yes
    Unique I.D. number: 606 but do not want the unique I.D shown on the badge

    I need the normal size and small size badges if possible too.
    Also could some help me and tell me how to put the badge into my game.
    Thanks in advance

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    Does anyone still make these for people or not?

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  2. I posted it on there but no one had replied for a while so i took it that no one was even looking at that one any more?

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