Helpfull Guide

  1. Helpfull Guide

    The above link is to a guide which has just helped me create my FCHalifax logo the only snag is that its not in English but just follow what he does on the screen and hopefully you will be ok...

    I did and now have my logo in the game..

  2. NICE ONE!!! been looking for somethin like this cheers

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    this doesnt show how to put it in game with like the config and all that

  3. No it just shows the makeing of teh badges, Once all 4 are made place in one folder and use the fmXML to make the confiq then add into your game..

  4. k il give it a go but the last time i tried that fmXML thing it didnt work. what type of file does it have to be??

  5. All your Pictures need to be PNG.. and then when naming the files they need to be the id of the club...

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