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  1. Logo inserting program

    Is there no program around which would help with the inserting of new logos? The creation & insertion of new logos is fairly tedious and repetitive but as it consists of the same steps I imagine it would be easy to program. I was thinking that it would make life much easier if there was a program where I could deliver the normal size logo and the corresponding ID (say, on an excel spreadsheet with filenames and unique IDs), and it would make the icons and backgrounds using that file and then the config entries as well. I am currently using GIMP to make the logos, and after the normal logo is made as it should be, it is always the same bloody steps every time. And I don't have the patience or the time to make the configs. Is there such a thing around (I imagine not), or could something like that be programmed? (I already know about the Graphics Guru, but it cannot handle background pictures and it is still tedious as well having to insert the unique ID every time) What did the developers do when putting in the licensed logos?

    //Does someone also now the exact proportion and transparency values for background images? What I am currently doing is from the original 180x180 logo: 10% tranparency, crop it 100x100 and then resize image to 300x100 with the logo at left and right in two files, yet in the original files the logo seems bigger in the background, so the original size from which it was cropped is more than 180x180, but how much?

  2. Believe non-gimps use Photoshop Actions (Seems logical) to create the different size logos.

    Might be lying though.

    Sure a program could be made for lazy people re. config. But why not just download (if you don't already have) a logo pack someone else has made and use the same config from that, replacing the image files.

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