1. Help.......?

    Where do i put the folder with a skin or a background? I tried putting it in graphics folder and nothing.....but my graphics folder is located in data and sigfx folder. Is than normal ..... Please help . Thanks

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    One more thing ...... i put the downloaded tactic file in the tactics folder and when i play the game it cannot find that tactic (manage tactics/ import and it cannot find it ) HELP...

  2. shadowsc2's Avatar shadowsc2
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    As for tactics you don't need to import them, they're there already...

    as for skins you need to create a new folder named 'skins', put those skins there and you'll get the skins...

  3. sorry for beeing such a......
    do i create the skins folder inside graphics folder or....?

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    i can't find the tactics

  4. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
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    Follow that, and you should be OK

  5. thanks

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