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Kev's Logo WIP

  1. Kev's Logo WIP

    Ok so i have a few logo WIPS so i thought i might as well post them here and see what people think

    Type 1

    Type 2

    Type 3

  2. prow07's Avatar prow07
    First Team
    The Wolves badge looks better on 2, but overall i would say 3 looks the best, i don't like the silver ones, although they could fit in very well with a dark or metallic skin

  3. A couple more of the third type

  4. 2 and 3 are both amazing, especially the wolves type 2 and the celtic type 3 which looks exactly like a real life medal

  5. Looks awesome. Mind if I steal the Liverpool one? :p

  6. Here is a liverpool logo in the third style

  7. another logo idea
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  8. Those third style logos are amazing mate!! Absolute class.

  9. Another idea what do you goes think
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  10. A new idea i stumbled on
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  11. Really like type 2 in the OP.

  12. Here is a different one i made a while back
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  13. Guys which box logos are better


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  14. Raphael.'s Avatar Raphael.
    Modern Day Legend
    V1, although I think that maybe you shouldn't have perspective view and maybe just a front view on them.

  15. V2 in my opinion.

  16. New logo style
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  17. Updated the ones above
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  18. V2. is better but you won't produce them.

  19. Is this not a rather pointless thing to do. considering that MinneapolisJohn over at FMView has made backgrounds for 42 countries already with over 3000+ done
    Same question to you mate, there's already shed loads of styles with thousands of logo's completed so why bother?

    Serious question by the way, no malice intended.

  20. What a childish action. Some logo styles are not to the liking of others compared to stadia backgrounds which is the exact same stadium in essentially the same way as others

  21. Getting a lecture on childish actions from you, priceless

    I'm sorry but aren't you just using the same logo as everyone else just with a different lick of paint, which is essentially what I'm doing with the stadia. Different shots. different angles, higher resolution pictures, I think thats enough of a difference to make it worthwhile.

    I am sure you feel the same way about your logos.
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  22. A new logo idea something i was just playing around with

  23. Not for me

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