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ANy badge design tutorials??

  1. ANy badge design tutorials??

    Hay guys i was just wondering if someone who is good graphics designer could do a basic tutorial about ps and designing club logos? I mean actual designing not cropping and lasso tool. with images and precise instructions. I kn ow how to work with layers and use all the tools, just i need help with details and using patterns.

    Tnx in advance

  2. There aren't any tutorials out there that i can find
    However I did manage to make psd's of existing logos using layer masks and then the individual layers can be recoloured. I also have used layer masks to cut out sections of logos that could be recoloured and put together with a different logo (things like wreaths, animals etc)
    I can upload them if you are interested in using them but they are all existing logos that i have cut into layers
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  3. I was going to make a tutorial the other week, but forgot.

    Might do one when I get a spare minute.
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  4. that would be great mate, and dunc i hope u will do it soon

  5. Quote Originally Posted by skepticni View Post
    that would be great mate, and dunc i hope u will do it soon
    I have uploaded a file with 24 PSD's of logos and a file woth PNG images of random bits and bobs that i hav collected up that could be used in a logo (some are from American Football/Basketball teams)

    The majority of things are HQ.

    SFC2010's Logo templates.rar

  6. downloaded it, now i'll play some time to see what could be done, if i have tablet i would do wonders with badges and pencil in ps

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