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Unbelievable Logos '12

  1. Unbelievable Logos '12

    Unbelievable Jeff would like to bring you this brand new logo style: "Unbelievable Logos". We will be working on creating country minipacks before then creating Continent megapacks. we aim to hopefully have a megapack out and ready in time for FM12. If you find that a logo is not correct and needs updating please dont hesitate to advise me and i will fix it in an update pack.

    Screen shots:
    Light Skin
    Dark Skin

    Downloads Available:
    Premier League --> League 2
    Blue Square Leagues Add On

    All playable French leagues

    All playable German Leagues

    All Greek leagues (by Kevaggel)

    All playable Dutch teams

    All playable Portuguese teams

    SPL - 3rd Division

    All playable Spanish Leagues

    Work In Progress:

    Italian Leagues (Shadow)
    Norwegian Leagues (Jos)
    Austria (Jos)

    Visit The Official Website To Download These Unbelievable Logos :
    Unbelievable Jeff Football Manager 2011 Community

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    All French Leagues Completed
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  2. German Leagues Complete!

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    Dutch Leagues Complete!

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    Portugal Complete!

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