Tried everything and still not working :(

  1. Tried everything and still not working :(

    hey, sorry to be a pain but I have done everything needed to do and still not seeing the changes to logos or kits in the game.. I have the latest update, running on xp.

    In graphics / logos should it then just have all the files in there? or is it okay for them to be extracted in their folders?

    Any help would be great as I have read through pages of this forum but not found out yet.


  2. This is what I did, Go to and extract those logopacks in

    My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/graphics/logo.

    Create a 'graphics' folder if you don't have it and a 'logo' folder inside graphics.

    Afterwards, load FM12 and go to Preferences> Display & Sound, Check ( Tick ) Always Reload Skin on Confirm and Uncheck ( Untick) Use Skin Cache. Press confirm.

  3. Et voila! Good work Neko!

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