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  • 3 Post By StuW

EA'12 Logos

  1. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Why So Serious?

    EA'12 Logos

    I am trying to re-create the circular logos from FIFA 12, and came up with these -

    v1 (Simple)

    v2 (Logo Effects)

    v3 (With Club's Primary Colour)

    v4 (With Styles)

    C&C Below

  2. AussieOchoa's Avatar AussieOchoa
    Star Player
    Like v4. But it might be hard to do a style when it comes to club with only one real colour haha. If these are ever up for download I'll be here in a flash!

  3. Nice one !

    Wont be downloading though as I dont like them with backgrounds

  4. I really like V3. Think theres too much detail in V4 and it takes away from the look. Top work stuw

  5. Gonna give v4 a download once it's released..

    Awesome work StuW!

  6. redhill
    v3 looks very good

  7. i really like v3

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