Logo-packs for FM 12

  1. Logo-packs for FM 12

    I am looking to download the real logos for competitions and clubs/nations, but is there a megapack with all bunled into one download? I know that I can download the ones here on the forum, but it is a bit of a hassle going through all 10-15 different packs.

    I've allready gotten the realname fix for competitions so I just need this little one now!

    PS: Can you start a career and then get the real logos or will I have to start a new save for them to work?

    PPS: Will this megapack work for FM12 too? http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downl...o=file&id=4312
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  2. Yes that Mega pack will work for FM12.

    And no you dont need to start a new game, follow all instructions and they will work fine

  3. I think I came a little when you said that.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Patrick123 View Post
    I think I came a little when you said that.
    Wow, you need a Girlfriend

    Just kidding mate, glad to be of help

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