International logos not appearing in FM11

  1. International logos not appearing in FM11

    My laptop crashed so I had to re-install Steam and FM11, which was installed via Steam. I had my game saves and my graphics folder (containing my facepacks and logos) saved in a secure spot prior to this. The game re-installed successfully, as well as the move of my game saves and graphics folder to the Sports Interactive folder in my Documents.
    My game saves are back, as is my facepack and club and competition logos. However, the only thing that is odd is that in place of the international flags (which were my selected international logos), there are the default national crests in place. No flags, no FA symbols, just those default crests. Is there any way to solve this? I'm using the FM2010 Megapack for my facepacks and the Shiny Logos Superpack FM2010 for my club/competition logos.

  2. Did you remember to tick 'Reload skin *something*' and then untick the box above/beneath it?

  3. Yes, I did that immediately after loading my game save, because at first NOTHING in terms of graphics appeared in the game after I re-installed it. I have reloaded skin twice, and like I said, everything (Facepacks, club logos, competition logos) appears just like old, except the national team logos.

    EDIT: Also, I've noticed that my kits are missing. That is probably because they weren't in my graphics folder. I'll just install a new pack. Still worried about the lack of international logos though.
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