English B-Team Logos & Kits

  1. English B-Team Logos & Kits

    DOWNLOAD HERE - Updated 1st Feb 2012.

    Hey all, I just came across the mod "English B-Team Challenge" and its a great way to add to
    your game, but... something was missing, it was using the default Logos & Kits and if your like
    me with all your authentic team Logos & Kits then this is for you, All I have done is added the
    pics and edited the configs to fit with the mod linked above.

    THIS WILL NOT work with anything else! the id's are ONLY for the mod ive linked so its useless
    without anything apart from that. I have tested it and its perfect! everything is working fine apart from
    1 kit (Derby Home) - And I have no idea why, ive been all through the config and still cant see why its
    not loading the home kit. If anyone knows then please do let me know so I can update this, thanks.
    (please dont upload anywhere else without my permissions)
    How to use:

    Place all the contents from the unzip to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2012 > Here!


    1st Feb.
    v1.1 - Added new 2012 kits for the B-Teams as I mistakenly used 2011 in the first release.
    Also added 1 third kit for Wigan and 1 third kit for Sheff Wednesday which wasnt in the first release.
    Cleaned up some of the code.

    30th Jan.
    v1.0 - Initial Release.

    Need to do:

    I still have not found why the Derby home kit isnt working, so if anyone knows then please let me know.

    Credits & Thanks:

    Hermanchides SS Kit Packs.
    Will1981 for the idea.
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