Why won't my small created logos show?

  1. Why won't my small created logos show?

    The ones I have downloaded work fine, but when I try and create them myself only the 180 x 180 pics show in FM. Whilst the 25 x 18 do not, and have the generic badges still. I have made two folders, one called normal and the other small and have put the images in both with the right size and id. The only thing i can think of is that maybe because both the 180x180 image and 25x18 image have the same ID number maybe it only applies to one of them? Hope this question makes sense, please help me out.

  2. Can you post your config files and i'll see what the problem is - i take it you have a config file in both normal and small folders?
    Also below is an example of the normal size config:
    <record from="bate" to="graphics/pictures/club/130875/logo"/>
    And small should be:
    <record from="bate" to="graphics/pictures/club/130875/icon"/>

  3. I'm not sure how to post it mate, the config file has an internet e. logo for some reason on it. But when i click the link it comes up with ''<record from="5680077" to="graphics/pictures/club/5680077/logo" />'' and so on. Weird thing is is it says ''logo'' and like you said for small it should be ''icon'' right?

  4. if you open up you config file in wordpad or notepad you will be able to edit them. the config file in your "normal" folder will be as you have pasted in above. you need a separate config file in your "small" folder with exactly the same info with logo replaced with icon.

    like the attached files:
    Attached Files

  5. Great it works, thanks for your help mate. Do you know anyone who does logopack requests??

  6. What logo pack you looking for?

  7. New Zealand's lower league teams, as i made a custom db for their comp.

  8. Need some help. Have been trying to do some Maltese logos and icons. Have been trying all sort of stuff!!! Can someone help me please?

  9. Hello, can you please help me out with my logo pack?

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