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All leagues from the United Kingdom has merged! Teams from the UK down to a sixth tier. The EPL is pretty much unchanged but the leagues aredifferent from there on. I have done an FA Cup and also Bottom and Top half cups which give a fairer compitition. I've also improved Bohemians a bit due to them being in the second tier. Prize money and parachute payments is high due to different finances and ability in each tier. The teams in each division is based on reputation.

I WILL add more tiers if they are requested and there will only be a few more english teams added as there are alot more Irish teams with lower reputation.

C:\Name\documents\Sports Interactive\FM 2010\editor data

There is 8 tiers, and the fa cup involves all teams. Whle the bottom half uses the bottom 4 tiers, the top half involves the top 4 tiers.

Premier League (teams that are not in screenshots):
20. Birmingham

Division 1:
20. Hibernian
21. Kilmarnock
22. Motherwell
23. Bohemians
24. Cardiff

Division 2:
20. Patrick Thistle
21. Dundee
22. Dunfermline
23. Shamrock Rovers
24. Swansea

Division 3:
20. Silgo Rovers
21. Cork City
22. Dundalk
23. Glentoran
24. Linfield

Conference 1:
20. Galway United
21. Fingal
22. Crusaders
23. Cliftonville
24. Portadown

Conference 2:
20. Distillery
21. Coleraine
22. Glenavon

Conference 3:
20. Newry
21. Ballymena Utd
22. Dungannon

Ametuer 1:
20. Loughgall
21. Ards
22. Limavady Utd


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