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Uploaded by LFCMarshall - 09/10/2010
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V10 Changes
- Small changes that make it more realistic and better
- CA/PA Changes from performances at start of season
- More transfers mostly only prem and championship..
- All suggestions done
- Added new liverpool owners... ino its a bit premiture so just change it back if you dont like it

This is only about 300 changes more than v9 but it makes the game alot more realistic with players currant form
V9 Changes
- Over 1500 Changes since v8
- All suggestions done
- A lot of new players added from England Holland ETC.
- Some more transfers done from major cubs around the world like Zenit
- More CA/PA Changes
- Squad rule removed as that was the source of all the problems at the start of v8


Just follow these instructions!

1: download the file if you having any problems cus the file has been changed since the problems occured

2: it is a zip file and ignore the size dont worry bout any of that

3: un-zip it into editor data folder or if you find it easier extract it to desktop and drag it to editor data folder - the editor data folder in documents!

4: go into the game select my database and everything fine!

5: All problems are sorted now;.... liverpool are back into europa league, the cant play matches has been fixed, the squad rule has been romoved cus of problems

Now please dont ask any questions which have been asked a million times its all here!

When Downloading this PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK and RATE FILE i need to know mistakes / changes you would like me to make

Problems! :
1. If you cant select leagues its because you havent got official 10.3 update no other reason
2. you only have to download this version not all the others aswell
3. if you haven't got any editor data folder you installed game wrong!
4. I don't do kits on this just download them off this site
5. If there any problems let em know because there shouldn't be ... it been tried and tested and works fine now


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