Dunc's Training - V1.3 - Youth Schedules

25/11/2010 Dunc 29,234 downloads
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The origional thread


I have made this training schedule for people to use for their teams, as it's pretty annoying having to make a new schedule every new save.

This has been broken down into player positions, and each postition focuses on improving the areas that the said position needs, rather than aiming to improve stats that have no relation to position the player needs.

I have used this in saves with Arsenal, Newcastle and Plymouth, both over a season, and have seen significant results to my players. Although I would like to point out, that the effects of training are not an instant measure of making your player increase in every stat after a month of using. As this is still in testing, I would rather some constructive comments after the schedule has been used for atleast a season.

Feel free to tell me if it doesn't work well for your team, but please tell me in what aspects it was good, if any, and where it was lacking.

The positions covered in the Youth schedule are:
Central Defender
Defensive Midfielder
Central Midfielder
Attacking Midfielder
Target Man

Again, any feed back is appreciated, although posts like 'This is shit', aren't really helpful, and will also result in me less likely to help you if you need it in the future. So keep that in mind.

If anyone has improvements or anything else they would like to point out, feel free. This is only in testing at the moment, as I don't feel three saves is enough to validate it as 'good' or 'bad'. I would rather have a varied view on it and find out how other people find it, and how they would change it.

To use the schedule:

1.Place it in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/Schedules.
2.If you do not have a schedules folder then create one.
3.In the game go to training. Click on schedules then manage schedules and click on import, and if you have put them in the right folder, they should be there, if they aren't, please revert back to step one.

PS. Make sure you extract the file using WinRAR, or some similar software.

Any other questions, feel free to post on here or VM me, or PM me.

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