World League + Regional Continental Competitions(F

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World League + Regional Continental Competitions(FM11)

A world league System (originally made for FM10) based in the Cayman Islands

FM11 modifications are Groups instead of sub divisions and no squad rules.

Each League has 2 groups with Championship, Promotion and relegation playoffs.

Prize Money for Leagues and cups are realistic.

Mundial Premeiro Liga - Championship Playoff between Top 2 in both groups, 2 relegated automatically per group and 4 per group go into rlegation Playoff.

Mundial Campeonato Liga - Promotion and Relegation Playoffs
Mundial Liga Um - Promotion and Relegation Playoffs
Mundial Liga Dios - Promotion and Relegation Playoffs
Mundial Liga Trés - Promotion and Relegation Playoffs
Mundial Desafio Liga - Inactive League


Mundial FA Clube Copa - 1 Leg knockout Competition between all teams(414)
Mundial Supremo Copa - 2 Leg Knockout between Premeiro + Campeonato Teams
Mundial Liga Copa - 2 Leg Knockout between Liga Um, Dios and Tres Teams
Mundial Juventude Copa - 1 Leg Knockout Youth Cup between all 414 teams
Mundial Sobre Copa Super cup between winner of FA clube Cup and Premeiro Champions

Regional Continental Competitions

These competions are between teams from the same continent, all competitions have the same format (Champions League Style) and the same Prize Money.

Africana Copa - 64 teams
Ásia Copa - 64 teams
Europeu Copa - 64 teams
Norte-americana Copa - 64 teams
Oceánico Copa - 32 teams
Sul-americana Copa - 64 teams

Who will you manage ? A top reputation team to add trophys to their cabinet or A lower Reputation team waiting for the glory times.

All teams have been given Cayman Island Nationalities but regens are from original Team Nations.

Any Questions or mistakes/improvement suggestions welcome.

Hope you Enjoy this Db.


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