Super 8's League System (vastly Improved)

24/01/2011 psycho1970 538 downloads
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Super 8's League System (vastly Improved)

UEFA under great pressure to maintain a hold on the European franchise in these tough financial times have invited 16 nations to compete in a European Super League, these nations are England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Scotland, Serbia ,Sweden and Russia.

The concept is to still have the clubs national leagues and competitions but on a smaller scale allowing for a Super League competition at the end of the domestic League season involving the 16 winners.

If successful this could be expanded across the majority of Europe. UEFA have also decided to bring back a version of the Cup Winners Cup and a New Competition involving all the teams from the top domestic Leagues.

All Nations Competitions

All Nation Leagues

8 teams play each other twice before league split 4 play for Championship/Promotion 4 play for Relegation again playing each other twice (20 games overall).

Nations FA Cup

A six round straight KO Competition with replays if necessary, 64 teams compete from Rd 1.

Nations League Cup

A competition involving Teams from level 2-5 (32 teams) 2 group stages , Quarter Final, Semi Final (both 2 legs) and a single leg Final

Nations Super Cup

Competition between Nation League winner and Nation Cup winner

Super 8's Competitions

Super 8's Champions League

The Winners of the Nations League go into a 2 group league competition playing each other twice with the top 2 from each group then progressing to the semi final (2 legs) and then to the Final (1 leg)

Super 8's Cup Winners Cup

The 16 winners of the Nations FA cup go into a group(4) stage competition which the top team from each group progress to the Semi finals (2 legs) and then onto the Final (1 leg)

Super 8's Premier Cup

The 8 teams from the 16 nations top league are entered into a 7 Round straight KO Competition.

Decent Prize money and TV money available for all competitions

Hope You Enjoy this Database, its taken blood sweat and a few tears to make. I first had the idea for FM10 but could'nt get it to work probably and then almost gave it up for FM11 when I could'nt get Euro Comps to work correctly but here it is 100% Tested for 1 season after each nation was added and for 10+ seasons after all nations and Euro Comps were Completed.

PS this is a no work permit Db just to make a few people happy

Installation Insructructions

Extract zip file to C:\Users\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data

Start New Game

if more than 17 files are active then tick change box and confirm

un select all files apart from super 8's and confirm

Tick all 16 super 8's nations boxes (see post above for list) and confirm

For best results select all active leagues per nation (5 in total) for nations you dont wish to manage in select as view only this also decreases the database size and confirm


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