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This database was inspired by Eds’ Slaying The Dragons – English Youth Academy story for FM2010, which was honestly my favourite story I have read on this site. The uploaded database was my favourite game, and I thought I would recreate it, so I have done so. This database was created on top of LFCMarshall’s Winter Transfer Update V2, to make things more realistic, if you’re not a fan of his updates, then please don’t let that be a reason to not try out this database! Doesn’t seem like any problems, but if there is, let me know and I will upload V2 with fixes

Eds' Story

Okay, so here’s the story:

Name: St. George FC
Nickname: The Dragon Slayers
Stadium: St. George Stadium
Stadium Capacity: 18000
Division: League 2
Transfer Budget: £5,000,000
Wage Budget: £210,000
Transfer Restrictions: English and U23
Training Facilities: Good
Youth Facilities: State of the Art
Chairman: David Bernstein

Here is the squad that has been created, and what they had to say about joining St. George FC.


Alex Smithies - £1.4m
“When my agent phoned me about this opportunity, I couldn’t accept the proposal quickly enough! The chance to go straight into the radar of the England team and a fantastic future, all for just a drop of one division!”

Jason Steele - £1.2m
“I was sick of going unnoticed by the England squad, and this opportunity is brilliant. Even if I may not be first choice, I know that I will develop well here and get a few games.”

Jack Butland - £1.1m
“The chance to fight for a first team place was too good to turn down. The facilities here are magnificent, and the coaching set up will help me to develop into a top player.”


Martin Kelly - £3.2m
“Many people laughed at me when they heard I was taking this huge step down, but I honestly believe that it’s a step in the right direction. This move will get me in the England squad in the long term, and at 23, I can move back to a Premiership club, after helping the Dragon Slayers to climb the leagues!”

Jordan Spence - £2.4m
“I can’t wait to get out there and start playing. Yes, it’s League 2, but this presents a great chance for me to show off my skills, and I can only hope that the new manager will treat me fairly and give me a chance in the team.”

Jack Robinson - £200k
“Liverpool really wasn’t working out for me. I have bags of potential, but I couldn’t fulfil it with Liverpool. This is a fresh start for me, and hopefully in a year or two, I can be competing for a first team spot!”

Ryan Bertrand - £2.5m
“This is a step forward in my career in my opinion, and I can only pray that Fabio Capello will acknowledge the sacrifice I made to make sure he notices me and always considers me when picking the England squad.”

James Tomkins - £4.1m
“As I already had a first team spot at West Ham, this is a huge risk for me. However, I’m sure that as vice-captain, I can help inspire this team to great things.”

Kieran Trippier - £400k
“After a conversation with Roberto [Mancini], I realised I was not in the first team plans at Man City, and when such a brilliant opportunity was presented to me, it was impossible to refuse.”

Phil Jones - £3.1m
“The decision to leave Blackburn, who I’ve come to love, was a very difficult one. However, I feel the facilities here at St. George will help me develop into a top player, and maybe one day, I will be able to return to Ewood Park.”

Steven Caulker - £1.8m
“This is a great chance for me, and I was thrilled when my agent told me that I had a place reserved. The Dragon Slayers will help me to develop into a great player, and maybe one day, I’ll get my first England cap!”

Kyle Bartley - £2.1m
“Moving from Arsenal to League 2 is a step down, no doubt. However, this is a great opportunity to make [Fabio] Capello notice me, and one that was too good to refuse.”

Conor Coady - £100k
“Liverpool told me that I should take this opportunity, as I wouldn’t be playing for their first team anytime soon. I was hurt of course, but I know that this will make me a better player, and maybe I’ll eventually become a Premier League regular. With St. George? We’ll have to wait and see.”


Jack Rodwell - £5.7m
“Leaving Everton was a tough decision, as they’ve done so much for me. But with the offer of being captain, I had to accept. Also, I am sick of being overlooked for the England squad, and I’ve been told that St. George FC is the perfect way to get myself noticed, especially as captain!”

Fabian Delph - £3.1m
“This is a brilliant opportunity, and I can’t wait to pull on the red and white strip of the Dragon Slayers. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I will work hard to ensure that I can cement a first team place, and maybe get in the England team.”

Josh McEachran - £1m
“Realistically, it was going to be a while until I was in the Chelsea first team, with the standards of players, so I thought this was a sensible move. Hopefully, after a while with St. George, I will be able to go back to a top team.”

Danny Rose - £1.1m
“I’m sick of rotting in Tottenham Reserves, and I want to be able to compete for a first team place. St. George can offer me that. I’ll be able to show off some of my skills in League 2, and maybe get a big money move one day.”

Ravel Morrison - £300k
“I wasn’t developing well at Man United, so hopefully this move will help me to do that. I honestly believe that one day, I can compete with the best, and that this is a step in the right direction.”

Sanchez Watt - £1.2m
“I really hope that St. George FC will give me the chance to get regular football, and I hope that I can do my job well, shooting up and down the wings and providing plenty of crosses.”

Matt Phillips - £1m
“Blackpool have treated me well, but I feel that it’s time for a move. St. George will help me to advance in my career, and hopefully, when the time comes, a big club will come calling!”

Nathan Redmond - £300k
“As one of the more ‘low-key’ figures to join the team, I’m under no pressure. It will make it more difficult to get games, but hopefully it will make Fabio [Capello] take more notice of me.”

Henri Lansbury - £2.1m
“I was bored of only getting the occasional League Cup match with Arsenal. I hope that St. George will treat me with respect and take me seriously. I want to be in the first team before too long!”

Alex Chamberlain - £1.1m
“Lots of people were surprised that I didn’t move to one of the big clubs that were expressing interest, but I want the opportunity to compete for first team football straight away, whilst getting the chance to be noticed by England as well. The Dragon Slayers are perfect for that!”


Nathan Eccleston - £2.1m
“I realised it was unrealistic to aim for first team football with Liverpool with the class of their players, so this was a great opportunity. When my agent told me Bernstein was interested, I jumped at the chance.”

Connor Wickham - £1m
“I am confident that this move will help me to develop into a top player, and I hope that I can return the favour and help get St. George the publicity and fame it deserves, helping them to get promoted in the process.

Nile Ranger - £3.1m
I was sick of rotting on the bench at Newcastle, and this is perfect for me. Being here will do wonders for me, and I’m confident that I can cement a first team place here.”

Victor Moses - £2.3m
“Being a diverse player, I think that I will have a good chance of getting lots of gameplay here. I can play in attack, on the wings, or attacking midfield. I am sure whoever takes over as manager will make the right decision about me, and help me to get noticed by England.”

Jay Rodriguez - £1m
“I always seem to get overlooked for England, and I’ve come to think that maybe it’s because [Fabio] Capello doesn’t realise I’m English with a name like Rodriguez. Hopefully this move will get me the recognition I think I deserve!”


1. Players purchased must be aged 21 or younger, and English
2. When a player turns 24, they must be released. Therefore, it is advised to sell them when they are 23 to make money from them.

Other Information

St. George FC has been given a Sugar Daddy Chairman, because the FA would realistically want to put lots of money into developing English youth players. Only players who I felt would realistically join a League 2 club for the rewards provided have been included. Therefore, please don’t post comments saying “Why isn’t Wilshere/Smalling/Shelvey/Henderson/Cleverley on the team?” Because I just can’t see them wanting to drop to League 2. For players like Rodwell, Kelly and Tomkins, I put their reasons for joining under their names.

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