11.3 Free Players Shortlist

09/03/2011 Jack Fulham 17,470 downloads
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After my first shortlist free player shortlist. I've decided to release a new one for the ew 11.3 patch.

Database size: Huge
Leagues loaded: England to L2
Number of players on shortlist: 283

Obviously, the number of players you get on the shortlist will depend on what database size you have and what League's you load.

Some players will be at clubs but do not worry as they're on amateur contract and are still approachable.

It is in SLF format so you should be able to download straight from FM-Base, no unzipping involved. My preference browser for downloading SLF files in Internet Explorer though.

Save the file into My Documents>Sports Interactive>FM11>Shortlists

If you do not have a shortlists folder create one!

I've got rid of all player from my previous shortlist that a had found a club. Images of a number of players can be found below. Please note, the quality of players in the spoilers in varied as this shortlist aims to help all League's of a professional standard.


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