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This formation is based on the 433 he used for porto to win the champions league and the league its self .In this formation the build up play main focus in the centre of the field with the three centre midfielders doing most of the passing making sure they use the right pass to the right player.Central midfielders, the 4-3-3 encourages the wingers to act as true forwards and the formation generally emphasises attack more than

Evan though you dont have wingers using this formation the wide striker tend to drop back into that position when ever they can to fill in that gap so it keeps the system solid 433.

Pitch size should be standard

plug & Play so use for both home & away games.

Match Preparation
I dont use them but if you feel the need to they do so is upto you.

Touchline ShoutsDont use them but again if you feel the need tothen go ahead .

Opposition Instructions
once again dont use them and if you do then by all means do so

Team InstructionsPhilosophy Regid

Starting Strategy Attacking

Playing style

Passing Short

Creative freedom More expressive

Closing down Press more

Marking Man marking

Crossing Drill crossing

Roaming More Roaming

Team talks i all ways say for the fans in pre season most the games i said result is not all important

For more info on my formation screen shots click the link http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f103/...ay-t67345.html



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