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Arab Revolution Pack 1.2 (AR Pack 1.2)

15 new playable countries

Egypt (Premier League)
Libya (Premier League)
Morocco (Botola, Botola 2)
Tunisia (Ligue 1, Ligue 2)
Algeria (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Ligue National)

Bahrain (Premier League, First Division)
Iran (Premier League, First Division, Second Division)
United Arab Emirates (Football League, Second Division A, Second Division B)
Saudi Arabia (Premier League, First Division, Second Division)
Lebanon (First Division, Second Division)
Kuwait (Premier League, Division One)
New in v1.2
Jordania (Premier League, First Division)
Qatar (Q-League, Second League)
Syria (Premier League)
Oman (Premier League)

4 new international competitions
  • Arab Champions League
  • Gulf Club Championship
  • North African Cup of Champions
  • North African Cup Winner's Cup

Extract the AR*.dbc files to your My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data folder.

When you start a new game and the dialogue appears, you will have the option to chose whether or not you want to change your enabled extra databases. Simply tick the box next to the all AR file names.
When you select the countries, check the "Add players to playable clubs" checkbox.
If you have any information on any of the leagues, or spot any bugs please report them to me

New in v1.2
  • New playable counties: Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Oman
  • Kit and Colour Settings in Libya, Iranian 2nd Division, Jordanian 2nd Division
  • Addition Leagues: Saudi 2nd Division, Emirati 2nd Divison B
  • New stadiums for clubs without stadiums
  • New cities
  • Arab Champions League bug fixed
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