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Uploaded by Dicko1878 - 25/11/2011
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Dicko's 4-2-3-1
Hello guys! This is my first tactic ive ever posted on the forums so dont be too harsh =D

Reasons for creating my tactic the way I did

Well it first started when I was using Raikans Perfect 4-3-3 and it inspired me to play a similar type of football to that produced from that tactic. The only problem I had was that like last year and this year, I had and have some quality AMC's (for example Tim Cahill) and wanted to play them in their natural positions just behind the striker where as many 4-3-3 formations dont allow AMCs and rely on 2 center midfielders and a defensive midfielder, so I decided to push up one of the CMs into the attacking midfield position. Also another problem I had was that many of the bog standard 4-2-3-1 formations is that they generally only come with 2 defensive mids or two center mids, and I have Fellaini (who i feel plays better in DM) and Rodwell/Barkley (who i feel plays better in CM) so that is why I chose the to play with a DM, a CM and a AMC.

I have to credit Raikan as this tactic is based on his Perfect 4-3-3 tactic from last year and i have added my own person preferences.

To summarise I felt that my Everton team could have challenged for the title however I had a lot of injuries toward the end of the season which forced me to play players in positions unfamilar to them. Although this tactic did bag me around 2/3 goals a game and I tended not to conceed many goals (Note on the fixtures picture I only started to use my tactic after the 4-3 win over Wolves early in the season) and with a better... well taller defence im sure that the figure of goals will go down dramatically.


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Games of Interest

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Attachment 205490Attachment 205491

League Table
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Players Reccomended Attributes

Fullbacks: Tackling, Marking, Crossing, Positioning,Stamina
DCR: Tackling, Marking, Positioning, Heading, Jumping, Strength
DCL: Pace, Acceleration, Tackling, Anticipation, Positioning
DM: Strength, Teamwork, Anticipation, Determination, Tackling, Work rate
MC: Teamwork, Anticipation, Determination, Tackling, Work Rate, Passing, Longshots (this is optional)
AMC: Technique, Passing, Off the ball, Creativity, Flair, Pace
AML: Pace, Crossing, Finishing, Passing, Off the ball, Right footed (however i used Drenthe/Gueye both are left footed)
AMR: Pace, Crossing, Flair, Passing, Dribbling, Technique
ST: Pace, Finishing, Composure, Off the ball (Perfect for Quintero)

My right center back is used for scoring from corners so the taller the better however Jagielka was still just as good!

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Enjoy! Be glad to see some feedback!



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