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Uploaded by Steve* - 07/12/2011
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Ok after a long time in development I have decided to upload my first FM12 tactic.

I adjusted this tactic right down to the way I want the team to play. This tactic works well for both mid table teams and larger ones.
This tactic is very high scoring especially from the left wing and the poacher roles.Both players average a goal every game and considering how attacking it is, i dont concede too many goals. This tactic helped me to 10 cups in 4 seasons with a pretty average Parma team.

Key players:
LCB: must be good tackler, marker and good passing stat
RCM: must have good passing, creativity and work rate
AML: Good dribbling,pace, acceleration and long shots
AMR: Good crossing, dribbling, long shots, pace, acceleration and creativity
STL: Good work rate, creativity and off the ball
STR: Good finishing, composure, off the ball, pace

Anyway here is the tactic and a few screenshots. Any questions feel free to ask


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