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08/12/2011 Kenco 2,854 downloads
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If you've read my thread over on the SI community, then you'll know what this is about. If not, here is a little intro.

I've been working on a World League since release day, and today it's ready for release. I have created an 8 tier World League comprising 50 divisions and 800 teams. All teams retain their original nationality and still compete in domestic competitions. 66 nations have had their league structures rebuilt to allow the World League to fit into the calendar.

The 66 domestic leagues now have just 8 teams in their top division, playing each other twice for a 14 game season, running from August to November. In late November the World League takes over, with 16 teams playing each other twice for a 30 game season until May. There is also a cup competition, in the style of the English FA Cup, for all 800 teams. Continental competitions continue as normal, while top flight teams from many of the domestic leagues no longer play in their domestic cup due to their busy fixture schedule.

World League structure:

- Gold League - 16 team division, with the best teams from each continent
- Silver League - 16 teams
- Bronze League (2 divisions) split roughly into East and West hemispheres. The West divisions contains teams from England, Spain, France and the Americas, with the East division is packed with teams from Germany, Italy, Russia and Asia.
- Super Leagues (4 divisions) Europe, America, Africa, Asia/Oceania
- A Leagues (6 divisions) West Europe, East Euope, North America, South America, Africa, Asia/Oceania
- B Leagues (6 divisions) as above
- C Leagues (10 divisions) more regional splits
- D Leagues (20 divisions) even more...

The English league now has an Elite division of 8 teams, followed by North/South split divisions. The other domestic leagues have not been structured in quite so much detail, but have been given the same transfer windows and rules to ensure a level playing field for teams in the World League.

The World Leagues are set up under the secondary divisions tab within the reworked English structure, which is why teams keep their nationality.


There should be 66 files in the folder to download, you need to extract them all to:
User \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2012 \ editor data

Start a new game

Ensure that all 66 files are enabled, and any other editor data file you have must be disabled

At the nation select screen, you must select England and go all the way down to the bottom level (Regional Premier Divs). Failure to do so will end up with a crash

Choose any other leagues to go with this, except Turkey, South Korea or Malaysia. These have not been changed and will just be the default league structures, which may or may not work with the World League. All other league systems have been edited to work in conjunction with the World League and you will need to load the domestic league of any team you want to manage

Select your team. Please note that not all teams are in the World League and if they aren't to start with, they never will be. The 800 teams selected will always be the same. The best thing to do to ensure your chosen team is in, is to look at their fixture list before you confirm.

I think I've covered everything for now, but please let me know if I've missed anything out.

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