Spanish complete v12.0.1 Seven levels

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─ Contents ─

The Spanish system as close as the editor allows me to get down to fifth level (Preferentes) and then two more levels below that are not in number of groups as the real.

Here come the details:

- Tercera: 18 groups (a few needed to edit teams as some that are in Preferente were placed in Tercera), the bottom four teams are relegated to Preferente level. The top four enter a two rounds enter into the promotion play off. All the top four of the 18 groups are drawn to face each other, for a total of 72 teams, to fight for the 18 promotion spots. Two rounds, semis and final, each of a single round (unfortunately, I can't make them two, much less the very complex real process that concedes the champions two chances at promotion making playoffs be three rounds).

- Preferentes: Due to restrictions for the promotion system, I had to keep number of groups divisable by 18. There's been some changes in the real league so I had to retouch this level. There were two groups added: a second for Cataluña and a third for Extremadura. To meet the first, I renamed the Ibiza y Formentera group as Primera Catalana gr2 and the teams from Ibiza were assigned to Menorca's, as that made a total of 22 teams there. For the Extremadura's third (15 teams), I filled the other two (that had 16) of that region up to 20, then the rest were to Navarra Gr1 & Gr2 and one to Ceuta y Melilla. In total, 36 groups. Top two promote directly, bottom one relegated to divisiones de Honor (sixth level).

- División de Honor: Teams are still assigned to the 12 group at this level by region. Each group's champion earns direct promotion to Preferente. 2nd to 5th of all groups enter a single cup system to earn the 24 remaining promotion places. Bottom team is relegated. The second to last enter a play off for the six remaining relegation spots, this one is a single round of two legs.

- Divisiones Provinciales: This has 6 groups, created to fit the 133 teams in excess from Spain so every Spanish team can be selected. Top two promote directly, the four behind of each group enter a unique cup system of two rounds, again one legged rounds, to earn the remaining 6 places. Nobody is relegated.

─ Notes ─

Since I created this merging at some point the ongoing updating work for this season of FM11 database (my Spanish complete) and my FM12 database activating Tercera, there's a chance there are a few duplicated teams. Due to the big amount of teams and the delay this project was having I've not checked those. Also note that there's a good fair amount of teams in reality that have almost identical names, and same short ones, as one example of such there are at least three San José, two of them U.D. San José and are in different groups of Tercera, so two teams of identical name aren't necessarily duplicates.

The file is a compressed database, dbc.

The Provinciales level, unlike the Honor and above up to 2ªB, has not the groups assigned by regional criteria , as that would have meant further delays. in the release, and wouldn't make that much sense if you consider several regions lack this level (at least according to the Wikipedia entry for Spanish lower levels).

The teams that needed to be created were created with the minimum, all I touched was name, short name, country, province, foundation year, professional status (amateur 95% if not 100%) and team colors. When it was known I set the proper year of foundation and if not I chose at random (the same as the A if it was a B), when not known or not an A team to copy I only created the home kit with colours that seemed fit or were just quick to create, what had priority depended on mood, in some cases I gave them stadium, but for most I didn't touch it. I didn't touch anything about tactical attributes, finances or anything else, just the bare minimum to have a team and not have every created team wearing the same, at least at home.

Note that one of the consequences of the last paragraph is that there will be a lot of teams without manager at first, so if you don't unsubscribe for the news the first months of the game you'll be bombarded with news items about "Team X apoints Y as manager".

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