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Hello, many of you like me will admire the Barcelona style of play. They play in triangles using pin point passing to break down their opponents. After much research into how they play I believe I have finally cracked the Tiki Taka tactics for Football manager. I have tested this tactic first with Barcelona and then followed on using Viktoria Plzen from the Czech Republic. Although the majority of the scorelines I will show you in screenshots show me losing I can assure you possession wise I dominated, but Viktoria Plzen don't have the same quality of players Barcelona have.

First off the second leg of my Champions League 3rd Qualifier which I sadly lost on penalties but as the images will show I had dominated the game.

As you can see I held a very high pass rate in comparison to Genk who failed to hold the possession. In total I managed 597 completed passes over the entire match out of the just short of 700 I attempted. This is the best match so far which I saw my team make the most passes in.

These images show my two matches against Tottenham in the Europa League group stages. As you can see, although their quality was far superior which ultimately got them the victory I in fact still did not fall below 50% in either tie and managed to eventually break them down to gain a goal in both. This shows how I can take a small club and still put up a challenge against the big clubs and hold onto possession (being Barcelona and doing this proves nothing).

Finally let's look at the tactic when I actually win a match:

I chose this match because as the graphics show I was far more dominating than my opponent. only two players had achieved below 90% pass completion and I had dominated in the way of possession and eventually bagged six goals.

I know these screenshots don't show dominating wins against any club, but that cannot be guaranteed with such a small club. What I have shown though is that I have mastered the art of holding possession and had my attacking options being better in comparison to Genk or Tottenham's defending I could have won. I would love for people to try my tactic on different teams and give me feedback on how they get on with what I believe is the best Tiki taka formation we can get with FM's options. Also I am new so have no idea abotu setting up images proper, so sorry.

Download and enjoy!



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