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Turn this formation onto 4-3-2-1 or 4-2-3-1

Avoid push up and wing play ,your lines will open a lot

Use midfielders who are fast and good defensively .

Dont be afraid to move players who play as wingers in the position of AMC or Striker .Just think that instead of wasting

the energy of the players by putting them in the wings ,move them centrally in a more productive role .

Always trust mentally balanced players in the defence .This formation demands good tactical understanding .

Watch carefully how the opponent is moving in his own half .If he plays too much possesion football ,you can use more

agressive pressing and more direct tempo .Use your players more centrally and focus build up through the middle .

Make your players winners by giving them roles according to their style .For example ,never give attacking duties or freedom

to players who are not creative enough .They will make the game slower by trying to make things that simply are not made of .

Use zonal marking and adjust passing game carefully .Possesion is fruitful only if score goals .Convert your domination into

mature football .

You can see some schemes here to take an idea how to apply this formation



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