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Current Update: Released September 24th

Welcome to LFCMarshall's Summer update 2012. This Update and Any future Updates will all be in this one file. You will just need to download again, on the release dates provided above..

Must have 12.2.0! Latest Patch. - Other patches may have changes missing

Changes include:

24th Update:
- Minor change
- Few Loans and transfers
- Missed changes
- Suggestions looked at

15th Update:
- Portugal updated thanks to Miguel Faria
- Any transfers since deadline day
- Mistakes amended
- Free transfers done
- More loans
- More CA/PA changes

4th Update:
- All deadline day deals
- Usual transfers, loans, manager changes
- added Serie A points deductions
- position changes, team formation changes
- usual CA/PA changes
- More leagues done
- Alot more changes from previous version...

22nd Update:
- Only a few changes as its not long since last update..
- Updated transfers, Song, Huddlestone, Cassano, Adebayor ETC
- Loans.. Obita at Portsmouth as well as others
- Brazilian promotions and relegations done
- Managers changes
- Usual CA/PA changes

18th Update:
- No points deduction for Portsmouth
- Edit default kit colours EG Swansea now white with Golden outline
- More Tranfers
- More CA/PA
- Few more promotions and relegations
- Usual stuff!

4th Update:
- Edited Rangers back
- Portsmouth players released
- More transfers
- More CA/PA
- Manager changes...

21st Update:
Everything to do with Rangers
- Nottm Forest and Watford new owners
- Portsmouth point deduction
- More transfers.. Ibra, Silva, Borini ETC
- Manager Changes.. Avb, Zola, O'Driscoll
- Usual CA/PA changes...

7th July Update:
- Alot more transfers done around the world
- Edited more teams for the European Competitions
- Manager changes, Sampdoria, Spurs ETC
- Rangers renamed and lost players that have been released/ Transferred
- Kept in SPL until official confirmation of what league the will join
- Usual CA/PA changes...

16th June Update:
- Portuguese league Div 1 and 2 Transfers and Loans done. Thanks to Alexander101
- More transfers and loans done!
- Manager Changes. Eg Laudrup, Redknapp
- Rangers Point Deduction Removed
- Champions League Fixes ( Motherwell and Gladbach ) .. Thanks to ThePav

2nd June Update:
- Promotions and Relegations from all major European leagues.
- All transfers in England down to League 2 ( some BSP )
- European transfers will eventually get done. Some done
- Manager Changes EG, Lambert, Rodgers. Solbakken
- CA/PA Changes... For the players that improved during last season
- Competition name changes EG Champions league, Europa League, Capital One Cup
- Budget Changes. England thanks to 'The Pav'
- Expired Loans from England, down to League 2.
- Released players from all Major leagues.
- Edited European competitions, Such as Newcastle in the Europa League

I will have missed things, just let me know any changes


Download and extract (Unzip) the file to:

Documents/ SI / FM12 / Editor data... If there is no editor data folder there, then create one

Mac Users:
Download and extract the files, extract to:

Macintosh HD/userss/Name.../Documents/ SI / FM12 /editor data... once again create a editor data if there is not one

Then Start a new game. a box will appear when you click new game. Bottom right of that is a change button. tick it and continue, Next screen tick my Update... Then continue

Any questions and Suggested changes feel free to ask,

Hope you enjoy


Suggestion thread:

Alternate Download Link: (follow instructions above)

Other information:
The skin is plainskin, can be found on here
- If you are missing changes such as Samba, no chelsea manager ETC, its because you havent got 12.2 update.
- Everton i cannot change being in europe due to hardcoded fair play rules
- Read instructions carefully, i cannot say anymore than above
- Release dates are in big at the top of this page.
- No 7 sub rule, due to problems when testing


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