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Once the full release comes out I will update the tactic and re-upload the full version!



Basic Formation & Instructions:

Touchline Shouts:

Opposition Instructions:

  • None at the moment! will update if anything changes

Match Results, League Tables & Fixtures:
(Afc Wimbledon, United and Everton at the moment)

Suggested Player types:

The background to the tactic:

An brand new version of last years successful Might and Magic

There were a few idea's etc rolling around and eventually I managed to integrate all the separate components I was working on being:

  1. The roles of the players i.e: The Carrick/Rooney/Vidic/Nani/Young/Hernandez and now of course RVP roles
  2. The style of football United played (when playing 442 and not diamond narrow, this tactic will follow)
  3. Operating defensively just as much as attacking which is paramount in all of my tactics
The new CM settings is an upgraded version of the Carrick Role I invented last year (which is now the DLP role) which is perfect for Scholes and Giggs as well! He will look to cover defensively alongside his CM partner and will look for a good pass when it is on but is not going to rack up dozens of assists or score many goals, this is not his responsibility!

The other CM is a more defensive type ball winner which is needed to win the ball back and get it upfield to the strikers and wingers to fashion out chances! I suggest looking to bring in someone like Fellaini/Bender/Naingollan etc to play in this role or you can edit it to box to box and add run with ball sometimes

The Wingers assist the midfield by dropping deep to pick the ball up and also help out on defence by marking the opposition tightly and tracking back effectively but not enough to tire them! You may ask why I have them on Support duty and have them move into channels, the answer is simple, they tend to make better runs and they help defensively as well

The Stl is the primary playmaker role: The Rooney/Van Persie role, he will drop down in the pocket and link up the play with the wingers and cm's as well as looking for the killer pass to play the Str in (which the position does perfectly) He also helps out on defence alot and this is done so that if we get the ball back he is already quite far down the pitch to start the attack again or decide what to do with it! (I have taken off the playmaker in team instructions as at the moment it is counter productive to the tactic)

The new addition to this years tactic is the swapping of positions between the two strikers making it extremely difficult for the AI defenders to track the players.. Either Rooney or Van Persie will drop deep and link up play with short intricate one two's on the edge of the box and great off the ball movement allowing for high freedom between the two forwards as in real life!

When wanting to include Welbeck or Hernandez into the tactic, just take off player switching and set the role to Poacher while lowering creative freedom and run with ball often!

The full backs are not going to add too much to the attack as they don't need to! They support all area's of the team that they are needed! You can ask them to get forward and run with ball often and cross often if you have players like Dani Alves or Evra but you may get caught out on the counter!

The central defenders are set to remain together and hold the line! The Cbr is the Vidic role which he will just clear the ball and throw his body around trying to win everything while the Cbl is more the Ferdinand role where he will cover any danger and sweep up if the Cbr commits himself and fails, which is not often!

Match Prep:

  • team cohesion until season starts

  • attacking movement against teams with weak/leaky defence

  • defending when up against the big boys

Important notes:

  • Pitch dimensions: Standard or Minimum (100m by 64m)
  • You can untick the playmaker (Stl) I have done this for the DEMO version!
  • If you don't have the right type of players for this tactic, buy them as players like Carrol wont work in this tactic unless you change many many things! If you want to get the best out of it then follow what I have said and suggested above
  • If you are playing away from home I can suggest dropping the Stl to the Amc position or even the 3rd Cm position as Advanced playmaker - attack to add a little more cover in the midfield, switching to counter will also work well
  • if you feel you are conceding goals from set pieces then tweak the set piece instructions to suit YOUR players!
  • if you feel you are conceding to many goals during open play then drop the Stl to the DM slot and change his PI's to suit his new position or play at a higher tempo and switch team instructions to Man marking instead of zonal and aggressive tackling

  • Please note that you will have to make slight changes to the team instructions and or formation for all of the teams you play with! I have made slight changes from the Utd one to when I have used it now with QPR but nothing more than a few clicks here and there! It is imperative that you buy the type of players I suggested otherwise it is not going to work properly! you cannot expect Grant Holt to play as the Poacher role and score for fun! Just remember a Manager has a set formation and style he incorporates into his team and sometimes the players he has do not fit into that formation hence he does not win games! You have to get the right players in to get the best out of your tactic
Tactic Disclaimer:

This tactic was made/updated on the DEMO version of FM13 with all the bugs and flaws.. If it does not work for you then don't be upset, its most likely the game! The game is rather unpredictable at present however this tactic has gotten me some pretty good results and consistency!
Once the full release has been out for a while come back and download the latest version and I am sure it will work out for you


Might and Magic™ by Raikan007 Fm13

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