Koflok's Goals Galore 2013 (Updated Patch 13.1.3 )

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Hey guys. It's that time of the year again. So I'm back for my yearly visit

First of all I just want thank all the users who downloaded my GG12 tactic. I did not expect it to be that 'big'. I was really surprised to come back and see the tactic sitting at 126,000+ downloads - making it the most downloaded file here. And I apologize for the lack of update, I was really busy with something called final year of university. Now that I'm finishing uni, I will be able to be more active around here and update stuffs.

The Tactic & Formation

I'm sticking to my philosophy of attack is the best defense. The formation is narrow and quick in tempo, with attacking fullbacks making overlapping run on the touchline to drag defenders out, allowing the forwards to make forward runs and open up spaces. The main aim is to create lots of scoring opportunities and score goals.

Although I got to admit that I love the ME since it allows player to do more pass and move as well as an overall better defense. I am surprisingly having a very good defense and possession despite the attacking nature of the tactic.

Don't expect players having 100+ passes. Or games with 1-0 scoreline. I don't see the point of having players passing around between themselves to 'farm' their passing number and having 0 key passes. I also prefer to see a 5-3 win rather than 1-0.

And I can't just stress this enough. As much as I try to make this tactic as plug-n-play as possible, you will need to tweak it to fit your team to fully reach the tactic's full potential.

Figured I never done this before, I have a go at 4-5-1 as the base formation.[/size]

The Play

The defense applied here is pretty much similar to what Real Madrid has done against Barcelona in recent years. Press up front hoping to force opponent's defense error. As soon as the opponent reach the half way line, the team will defend in number. The midfield will enforce (and tackles) players outside the box to stop opponent's plays reaching into the box. Defenders will sit deep and intercept any movement that pass. If the opportunity arises, the fullbacks will spring forward to launch a quick counter attack.

The midfielders are the most essential players in the tactic. The three midfielder will rotate the ball, keeping possession, and launch a through ball forward or to the wingers when there's an open space. The AMC is your classic #10 playmaker who sit just behind the striker and inside forwards. Plenty of killer through balls will be threaded by the AMC, alongwith inside forwards, who will be the main assist machine in the team.

The wingers are inside forward. Their main job description is to dribble, a lot - destroying the opponents defense. They will score spectacular goals. They will cut inside and dragging the central defense and opens up space for the striker. Once in a while they will go to the byline and cross the ball. I kinda noticed the growing un-importance of having an opposite footed player in the wings to allow the player to cut inside. But still, it is still recommended to have left footed player on right wing and vice versa. Having a non-opposite footed player on the wing means there will be more crossing from byline rather than through balls and goals from the player.

The striker is the finisher. He will get the final ball most of the time. Thus, a good finisher with good pace is essential (Cisse had 20 finishing). He will stay up front, shoulder to shoulder with the defense and required to make good off the ball movement to anticipate any through balls. Once in a while he will drop deep and thread a through ball to the wingers who usually run diagonally to the center.

The Result

So far I've only tested it using Newcastle United. Half way through the season sitting at the top of the table - scoring a decent amount of goals.
Note that I used number of different settings of the tactic in this save. It was until the last 2 months where the 'current' tactic is established.

I am doing another run which I use the tactic from the beginning and will update the table as soon as I'm done.

The Players

Sweeper Goalkeeper:
Nothing much, he will just have to make sure that the opponent doesn't score goals. One on one and good passing is bonus.

Central defenders:
Nothing special as well. It's always a good thing to have a speedy and a tower defender in the team. The tower defender will be a threat in set pieces.
Recommended Attributes :Marking, Tackling, Anticipation, Concentration, Positioning, Pace and/or Jumping and Header

Wingbacks backs :
Will always do marauding run forward to provide support for the wingers. Speed and work rate is essential as he needs to go up and down the pitch. Sometimes will pull a Jordi Alba and pops up in the penalty box and score goals.
Recommended Attributes : Acceleration, Pace, Marking, Tackling, Crossing, Work Rate Finishing is bonus

Right Central Midfielder :
On defense; he will be the main enforcer in the midfielder, stopping the opponent before reaching to our area. On offense; keeping it simple and pass the ball to any open player. Nothing flashy.
Recommended Attributes : Tackling, Stamina, Decision, Strength, Passing, Teamwork

Left Central Midfielder :
Think Xavi. The playmaker. He won't do much with the ball other than dictating the tempo from deep and making passes which will create space in front. Will sometimes pop up from deep to dangerous scoring areas. Good defense is a major plus
Recommended Attributes : Creativity, Passing, Teamwork, Decision

Attacking Midfielder:
A shadow-striker type of player. Sit just behind the striker and make intelligent runs forward with and without the ball and score goals while defenders are occupied with the front three. He will also be providing the killer balls to the forward.
Recommended Attributes : Creativity, Passing, Flair, Off the Ball, Dribbling, Decision, Agility, Teamwork, Finishing, Long Shot[/size] -> Dzagoev

More of an inside forward. Their main job is to dribble directly to the dangerous area to mess up opponent defense and open up spaces for other players and make those diagonal final through balls forward. Will also be a scoring threat other than the front striker.
Recommended Attributes : Acceleration, Dribbling, Creativity, Passing, Agility, Flair, Finishing, Decision

He score goals. Period.
Recommended Attributes : Finishing, Off the Ball, Anticipation, Pace/Acceleration, Dribbling, Flair -> Falcao, Cisse

Opposition Instructions
credit to @johnnyhugs

Strikers, Wingers:
Tight Marking: Always;
Closing Down: Always;
Tackling: Hard;
Show onto Weaker Foot

Long Shooter AMC / MCs:
Closing Down: Always

Playmaker AMC / MCs:
Tackling: Hard

Motivation and Substitution

  • It's really down to your style of managing.
  • I tend to always be aggressive during pre-match and half time if losing, draw, or winning by 1 goal against weak teams.
  • This may be effective due to the winning streaks I always get using the tactic and thus it's pretty normal to expect them to win.
  • I'm no expert in motivation so I leave this to you guys to input.

In terms of substitution, normally it is done around 60 minute mark. Priority as follows:
1. MC with yellow card and persistant fouling.
2. Players with exceedingly low stamina level (e.g 60% where others are above 70%)
3. Underperforming forwards and wingers (below 6.0)
4. When leading, put a more defensive minded midf on MCR. When chasing a goal, pull MCL as DMC and substitute MCR for a striker.
5. Winning big and want to save energy for next match. Do this to front 3 only.
6. Unmotivated or nervous players.

These rules does not apply if your player is Lionel Messi.

Match Preparation and Training
Honestly I am clueless in this.
Whatever match preparation training that makes your team become fluid using the tactic faster, use it until all box are full.
After that just go balanced.


No one asked anything.. yet

To do list
-> Please try out different settings on these parts, so that the tactic can be continually improved..
1. Do set piece settings
2. Find effective OI and shouts
3. Try out different tempo/width settings to improve CCC
4. ????

Moar Pics!!

Final Words
  • As usual, your inputs are highly appreciated. The tactic has always been a big open project with continuous improvement built based on inputs gained from here.
  • I encourage all testers to actually watch the game, try different tweaks to the tactic and post their result here.
  • As much as I love getting a straightforward positive review, I would also appreciate if people can specifically point out the area that works well or not so well.
  • Last but not least, don’t judge the tactic (or any tactic, really) based on the first few games, especially if you’re switching it mid-season.
  • Most probably it will not do as good as it should have
  • Give 2-3 months before the team’s gel and fluid with the tactic.


Have fun go mad.



Koflok's Goals Galore 2013 (Updated Patch 13.1.3 )

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