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This is a tactic trying to copy Barcelona stlyle, high possession , a lot of goals and game control.

I always try to play beautifull football on my teams! Follow my thread here

The tactic look like this!

And this are the results!

Against strongest teams like barça and real the possession decreases a litle but is natural because they have better players!

This is the result against a weak team !

Against real! 3-1 win!

I finish 3rd but i only start to use this tactic on december, on the first part of the season i was using a similar tactic but is not working 100%!

Some results in others saves!
This is on my pentagon save!

And this in other save with dortmund!

O. Instructions
Ass. Manager

Team talks!

Ass. Manager before the game starts, and then give a passionate instruction to defence, midfield and atack!

On half-time,

Winning by 1-0 , Calm You can do better!
Winning by 2-0 , Calm You can do better!
Winning by 3 or more, Calm Don't be complecent
Losing, Agressive I expect more!
Draw, Agressive I expect more!

End of Match

Always calm or assertive if your team win. agressive if it lose!


Play out of defence!
Work ball into box!

Pitch Size

Normal or Big( Except if it was to big, i never tried on that huge pitches like 110m x 80 or what else) but you can try!

And that's it, give it a try!

Ps: This tactic off corse works better if you have better players, more possession and etc, But as you can see on te SS that i post , i was playing with Deportivo and they don't have money, the players i have are all free acquisition! And the tactic work well!

Ps2: If you don't have any IF , replace the role for Winger

Enjooy the game!





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