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Formation and Instructions:

Match results and league table Man United:

Match results and league table Udinese:

Tactic information & tips:

I barely use any shouts but if you are away from home you can use:

  • clear ball to flanks
  • pass into space

if you are at home you can use:

  • get ball forward

when and if you are a few goals up: (remove all existing shouts)

  • retain possession
  • pass to feet
  • take a breather

Pitch size is standard

Opposition Instructions:

  • Ask your assistant manager in staff responsibilities (only do this if his tactical knowledge is above 15)
  • Wingers - show to weaker foot/hard tackle
  • Mids - close down/weaker foot
  • Strikers - hard tackle/weaker foot
  • Fullbacks - weaker foot/close down

Match Prep:

  • team cohesion/tactics until season starts
  • attacking movement against teams with weak/leaky defence
  • defending when up against the big boys
  • Teamwork


I use my guide...

Raikan007's Teamtalk Guide Fm13: How to get the right reaction!

For tough away games:

Drop the two CM's to DM slots!

if you are playing against a team like Bayern, set the wingers to specifically man mark the wingers (AMR to AML and AML to AMR)

if you are conceding a few yellows take tackling down to default.
if the amc is being played out the game by a DM, take off playmaker and drop the CM position (I have not needed to do that but it would be a good move if it happens, especially in Germany, teams usually have DM"s)

I think that covers it mostly

I often change the striker role to AF when I start Hernandez, setting it to poacher etc should not much of a difference, but it suits RVP and Lewondoswki

For everyone who has requested to test my tactic, please feel free to post your results in the thread! I will use the results and information for the main thread once I have created it later this week if the tactic continues to work for everyone

This is not the final final version, it is working extremely well for me and others, if it continues to do so then I will not change the tactic, lets see how it goes and will take it from there

Good luck! Feel free to ask me anything or give your feedback, cheers


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